How to Create and Use Alias Command in Linux

List Currently Defined Aliases in Linux $ alias As you can see, executing. $ ll Is equivalent to running: $ ls -alF Creating Temporary Aliases $ alias shortName=”your custom command here” $ alias wr=”cd /var/www/html” Creating Permanent Aliases $ nano ~/.bashrc #My custom aliases alias home=”ssh -i ~/.ssh/mykep.pem tecmint@” alias ll=”ls -alF” Remove an alias added via the command  $ unalias alias_name $ unalias -a […]

How to Hide Quick Access on Google Drive

1. Go to from your desktop browser. 2. Click on Settings Icon from top-right side. Then click Settings. 3. A Settings Pop-up will come up. Look for the Quick Access section that says “Make relevant files handy when you need them.” 4. Uncheck this option. 5. Click Done from top-right corner and refresh your browser to see changes. It should be gone.